my letter

Tell me about your family.
Well my mum has Porphyria which is a chronic illness and I may have it too so it just means we have to be more careful in case we have it too. My dad is in a band called Cheetstreet and dad works for Mr Moto which is an advertising company. Declan (dex) he is mostly annoying but sometimes we get along like once we made a hut in the park and cubbies inside with pillows for bricks and blankets for roofs.  Finally, me, I like police, frogs and more I have autism witch is a disability but everyone is different in many different ways.

What did you do on the holidays?
We sore a snake in the wild, we went kayaking at Yarra Bend, I went to the Collingwood children farm. So what I am trying to say is I had fun.

What are you looking forward to this year?
I’m looking forward to maths because it is my favourite subject, seeing my friends at school or at their house for a play date, going on camps and feeding the fish.

What do you enjoy doing?
Playing games on my iPad like, building or whittling stuff, playing PS4 (play station), having play dates, playing army, cub scouts and more.

What is something new you would like to try?
Being a police officer, going diving in the sea with fish or dolphins, living in the bush for 3 days in tents with only the food we find, going on a boat in the sea and going to a new county on a plain.

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  1. Awesome work Flynn! Sounds like you had a great holiday – although I’m glad I didn’t see the snake. What kind was it do you know? Was it poisonous? You have had a brilliant start to the year – keep up the good work.

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