100wc #24 – The Hand of Peace

Come along children, gather around, come and see the ‘Hand of Peace’.   This sculpture represents the man who made a difference in the world war.  The story begins on a dark morning as the bugle sounded “trrrrrrrrtrrrrrr”, it was time to fight.  Sadly the soldier thought he would never see his father again.  He strangely looked at the last sapling in the clearing between people.  He tore up his singlet and waved the white piece over his head.  “We surrender!” he said and picked up the sapling at the same time.  And now you know why the statue is here.

2 thoughts on “100wc #24 – The Hand of Peace

  1. Wow Flynn that was so amazing how much you got out of that picture and what your idea turned into. It made me think of all the Anzac’s and how they fought in the war and protected us.

    1. I know right Flynn works really hard and his 100wc was it showed lots of emotion keep up the good work!

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