Science Project Reflection

In Term two we did a science project about plant and animal adaptations. My project was on the thorny devil. In the project I learnt that the thorny devil can shoot blood out of its eyes, I also learnt that the thorny devil can drink from any part of its body and that it has a fake head.


3 Facts I found interesting about the Thorny Devil.

  1. The thorny devil can change colour to the time of day it is to help regulate its temperature and to help camoflauge.
  2. I found it really interesting that the Thorny Devil has a false head to confuse predators, so the predators don’t attack the real head.
  3. It was interesting that the thorny devil could shoot blood out of its eyes.


2 understandings I know have.

  1. I understand that the thorny devil shoots blood out of its eyes to make a predator think that it is hurt and then the predator will retreat to its home.
  2. I also understand that the thorny devil has groves that make it possible for the animal to drink from any part of its body.


1 thing I am left wondering about.

  1. I still wonder if the Thorny Devil evolved from something and if it did, what did it evolve from?


I found this project fun and interesting.  I had a great partner who was really good at some of the things I’m not so good at, and I was good at things she wasn’t as good at, so we worked well together.  Carah made a power point presentation with all the information that we had found together.  I made the model and the diorama because I’m good at making things.  Then we helped each other to make the overall project even better.  I learnt a lot about myself doing this project, like that I should make more eye contact when giving a presentation.  I also learnt how to plan and complete a full science experiment, including writing down our facts and observations.  I found this to be a very fun and interesting experiment.  I would like to do more of these.  Carah helped to show me how to record the information neatly and clearly.  All these skills I learnt will help me with science experiments and other projects in the future.

My goal when I work in a group to do a project again would be to make sure everyone has felt like they’ve done equal amounts of work.  We were good at this, but I want to keep doing it in the future.  I also want to make sure we work out who is good at what so we can use everyone’s strengths to get the best project we can.


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