Joseph Bryant Reflection

  1. Which ideas and concepts and feelings does this story help you to understand?  What are some parts of the story where you can most clearly see them?

The ideas, concepts and feelings the story helped me to understand were love, happiness, sadness, death, helplessness, excitement.

Love – “Loving someone that is gone forever is one of the hardest things you can do.”

Death – “You can just try and remember how everything felt with them to the best of your ability but everyone knows it wont ever be the same. Nothing will be the same, ever.”

Sadness – “Joseph passed away after those three years.” “Three years went by, three painful years of visiting Joseph every single day in the hospital.”

Bravery – “He fought against his disease every single day.”

Helplessness – “I would be losing my best friend and I didn’t know how to respond”.

Excitement – I thought Joseph was going to kiss me or tell me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend, I remember having butterflies in my stomach…”

  1. What does the author want you to talk about after reading this story? What is the author saying about what people are/should be like?  What are the examples of this in the story?

I think the author wants the reading to ask, “what is cancer?, what is love?, how would you feel if you lost a friend?”  I think the author is saying that too many people think they know what love is but they don’t really, like in the beginning of the story.

  1. What sort of people might get the most from this story? Can you think of a few different sorts of people with experiences that would mean this story has an important message for them? What parts of the story make you think this?

This whole story is about a boy who is sick, anyone who knows someone who is sick would get the message to be a good friend to them no matter what.  Also, people who have known someone who has recently died might be able to understand this story.

  1. What are the events that have figurative meaning?

The part in the story that says “But towards the end, I could see him slowing down.  He would grin instead of smiling from ear to ear when I would come to see him.  Our conversations would get shorter and that lead to his breaths getting shorter which then lead to his days getting shorter” this event tells the reader that Joseph is dying slowly.

  1. What is a repeating pattern or event in this story? What might it be representing about humans and what we do or expect?

Sadness was a repeating pattern.  The story was sad, then ok, then sad, then ok.  Love was another repeating pattern.

  1. What does the author say about the themes in this story? What would they like changed?  Do you agree?  Would other people disagree? Why?

The author thinks that most people don’t really experience love.  That until someone dies that you think you love, you don’t really know what love is. I don’t agree because what if no one dies, does that mean you never experience love?  I think people experience love differently.


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