Steamed Windows

Steamed Windows

The main themes in the story that we saw.

>Sadness – I saw sadness in the story when she said that she couldn’t sing anymore and when she spoke about the one day she could hear and the next day she couldn’t and was in hospital.

>Missing something   –   the theme of missing something was shown when she said I remember the sound of music, I remember how beautiful it was, she then said I loved music, I miss it now.

>Happiness   –   The feeling of happiness was shown when she was talking to kade.

-Some of the things the author wants us to talk about after reading this book is?

>People can still have feelings and communicate even though they can’t hear.

>the author wants you to think about how deaf people live their life and how hard it is.

-The people that get the most out of this story are.

>People who have lost something.

> People who are parents of children who have a disability.

>People who have a disability.

-The repeating pattern throughout the story is?

> How she really misses music and how she loved it and how she copes with not being able to hear it anymore. This message was repeated several times throughout the story.

-What is the moral to the story? Do we agree/ disagree

> The author’s message in this story is that even though some people can sometimes be deaf or have a disability they are still a part of the human society and they still have feelings.

I agree with the message that this story is telling us, some people may disagree if they have not come across this in their own life.

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