SRC speech 2017

Good morning grade 5 and 6 students.  I personally don’t want to be considered as an SRC rep this year as I think there are lots of other better people applying.  The skills I would bring to the position are my ability to lead a group from my time in scouts and cub scouts.  I am also passionate about helping others and would work hard to fundraise for charity groups.  I have lots of ideas for how to improve our school including a canteen, a second set of soccer goals and a buddy bench.  A buddy bench is a place where anyone can sit when they haven’t got someone to play with.  Then when someone notices they can invite that person to join their game.  It means no one is ever left out.

Thank you for listening to my speech.


One thought on “SRC speech 2017

  1. Flynn I think this was a great speech, I loved how you were using good words too describe why you want to be in SRC great speech like too see you use more describing words and maybe better?!?!

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