100wc my crocodile

Slowly my pet crocodile’s dinner of brown goldfish flew across the room dead. Why you may ask? Well, I have a croc that I stole from the zoo when my dad dared me to three years ago.   What a dad he was!  Until my croc ate him, and I had to tell the police that he died from cancer so they would not take my second friend away.  From the day I got him, my croc has been throwing his dinner all over the place.  So that explains why the brown goldfish flew across the room.

4 thoughts on “100wc my crocodile

  1. Well done Flynn. I love your use of rhetorical questions (Why, you may ask?) and the statement “What a dad he was!” makes me want to read more about your adventures with your dad. Maybe you can expand this story in your personal writing.

  2. Hi Flynn,
    I really like this 100 word challenge because it was really fun and playful. I also like how your crocodile eats everything and everyone except you. Good Job!

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